Silky Green (NOT Split Pea) Soup

This can also be titled Kate vs. the broken memory card. Sorry there are no photos right now, but I promise to upload them as soon as I repair my troubled computer situation. Thanks for your patience!

When I was 4, I decided that I distinctly and utterly HATED split pea soup. Ugh. The texture, the starchy, gumminess of the peas, even the little chunks of ham were off-putting.

I remember that my grandfather was baffled that I didn’t like my grandma’s split pea soup. “How can you not like split pea soup, hetehose?!” My grandfather’s family was from Eastern Europe, and he had all these little pet nicknames for us. My brother was snickelfritz. I’m not sure what hetehose even means, or if that is how you spell it, so if anyone has any Czech, Slovakian, Latvian, or Lithuanian skills please let me know if you can help! Either way, one of them meant trouble maker, and I was in trouble. I HAD to eat that soup, don’t you know, because my grandparents were not about to see good food go to waste. Being force-fed what I viewed as the equivalent of snot liquid? Maybe that is why I have avoided green, pureed soups in the past. Continue reading

Simple Meals + Sustainable Choices at the Store!

Hey everybody!

I’m excited for a great number of things, but the fact that my local grocery store now carries sustainable salmon choices has me over the moon!

Can you see the blue seal to the left of the price tag? That is the Marine Stewardship Council seal of approval, so you know your seafood is certified and not fraudulent.

Here is a complete list of products available with MSC guidelines, called Fish to Eat.

Why is it important to make sustainable choices? You can read more in my post for Cod & Country, but the long and short of it is, if you want to be eating your favorite fish in 5 or 10 years, you have to start buying sustainable choices. Otherwise, we are going to overfish our way out of a meal. It’s in your best interest, and the ecosystem’s, to protect what we have left. Plus you can discover some delicious new seafood choices in the process!

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