Frazzled Scallops & Sauteed Mushrooms

I don’t know what it is about traveling. I love it, of course. But there is a small, homebody part of me that can get stressed out – aka frazzled, in Team Johnson vocabulary – about the actual traveling. I’m not afraid of flying or anything like that, and I’ve been traveling alone for quite some time. I’m not sure why leaving my nest gives me a little flutter of underlying anxiety (god help my future college-age children if I’m a ball of nerves about myself).

Of course, as if I didn’t have enough to prepare for a multi-week, cross-ocean trip – including food for a 12 hour plane ride since United is too silly to provide gluten-free meals! – I like to use big trips as a deadline for achieving stuff around the house: clearing out clutter, seeing friends that I have been too “busy” to connect with in the past month, even creating future recipes. And when I say “like”, I mean, this is an old habit that I fall back on in times of stress, which only makes me more stressed out. Makes perfect sense right? You’ve got a lot on your plate, so you might as well add some more! Eeesh…Really I should be doing these things a little bit at a time, day by day, getting energy-draining or clutter-clearing tasks done immediately. I’m slowly improving on this habit, but I do have a long way to go.

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Simple Meals + Sustainable Choices at the Store!

Hey everybody!

I’m excited for a great number of things, but the fact that my local grocery store now carries sustainable salmon choices has me over the moon!

Can you see the blue seal to the left of the price tag? That is the Marine Stewardship Council seal of approval, so you know your seafood is certified and not fraudulent.

Here is a complete list of products available with MSC guidelines, called Fish to Eat.

Why is it important to make sustainable choices? You can read more in my post for Cod & Country, but the long and short of it is, if you want to be eating your favorite fish in 5 or 10 years, you have to start buying sustainable choices. Otherwise, we are going to overfish our way out of a meal. It’s in your best interest, and the ecosystem’s, to protect what we have left. Plus you can discover some delicious new seafood choices in the process!

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Update: Pacific Cod and Purple Broccoli

not a great pic, but I was too impatient to eat!

Since I didn’t actually provide a fish recipe in my post on sustainable seafood, I thought I would just throw in a quick update here. This weekend we had a great time making and decorating Christmas cookies, but I made a light meal of broiled cod, purple broccoli with the lemon oil from my last post, and salad to counteract the sugar intake for the cookie makers/eaters. I was especially excited to find purple and yellow broccoli from a local producer at the market that day.

purple broc + a break

For the cod, all I did was marinate it in a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice for 10 minutes, then broil for about 4 minutes per side. I added salt and pepper to taste with lots of fresh parsley and grated ginger. Pour the lemon olive oil dressing on top and bingo! I’m still experimenting with cooking fish, because being from the Midwest doesn’t give me a lot of sea-knowlege. Good thing I’ve ordered this cookbook. What’s your favorite way to prepare fish?

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have a great week ~

cookies! compliments of L & A