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Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting eat, recycle, repeat. It is the intersection of my love of food, desire to share the happiness I’ve found in choosing a healthy lifestyle, and my passion for prioritizing our relationship with the planet. I seek to balance these things with equal amounts of joy and sweet potatoes – an obsession also continued on Twitter, where you can find me as the yaki imo girl. Yaki imo is roasted sweet potato in Japanese. I currently live in Japan, which makes some things easier (like being a day ahead on posts, theoretically) and others harder (sourcing kale, coconut milk, and kombucha. Guess I gotta make my own!).

As for a bit of the run down on this site: on Tuesdays I post Green Tips for easy, sustainable and practical living – ways that allow you to clear clutter and enjoy more joyful green living. On Fridays I post recipes – always gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and delicious. My philosophy on food is that it should be “feel good food”: nourishing, healing for your body, emotionally satiating, free from anxiety, stress, guilt, or any discomfort. On Sundays I post under the theme Food for Thought, about my belief in holistic health and the idea of “eating to heal and living to celebrate”. I believe in:

eating to heal our immune systems
eating to heal our broken relationship with our bodies
eating to heal our relationship with our environment
living to capture our health and awaken our joy
living to celebrate food
living to sustain communities 
Many places tell you what you can’t or shouldn’t do when it comes to lifestyle. I like to focus on what we can do. I want to show you how tiny, practical changes can have a huge impact on health, individually and globally.
You can find all my recipes in the Recipe Index
Green Tips are listed under the Learn More page
These are some of my core philosophy posts:
Become a better cook by boasting about Kitchen Failures and embracing Mistakes
Take back your health by focusing on holistic health and it’s four components
Love yourself. You’ll never get anywhere, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, if you don’t have self-love.
Create communities by focusing on what matters: natural living, whole foods, and health over weight loss or body image

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