How do you get healthy and, just as important, happy? EAT!

Not only eat, but eat good food. What is “good food”? Food that nourishes body, soul, and planet by using resources responsibly and in a sustainable manner. My food philosophy is one of “feel good food” – food that is nourishing, healing for our bodies, emotionally satiating and free from anxiety, stress, guilt, or any negative emotions. Oh, and fall-off-your-chair delicious. Eating real, whole foods is not only good for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, but also the planet’s. I believe that what we put into this earth directly affects and impacts our health, so I enjoy foods that are environmentally-conscious: sustainably-raised and harvested, free of pollutants and toxins, and mutually beneficial for individual and earthly well-being.

I’ve found my way back to a healthy and balanced lifestyle by eating food that was good for me and good for my surroundings. You can read more in My Story. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and I want you to feel the same way, because it makes life exhilarating and vibrantly full of opportunity. I’ve become a better – happier, stronger, vibrant – person by empowering myself with healthy food and removing foods and habits that were draining me of energy and life. I want to share the same happiness with you. My goals for you are to:

1. Love eating and preparing a whole foods diet
2. Enjoy a lifestyle that is sustainable and extraordinary
3. Feel empowered and in control of your health
4. Live a joyful life full of happiness
5. Laugh a lot in the kitchen

eatrecyclerep(eat) is the hope to create a community that cares about good food – and each other. Making dietary changes requires a support network, and I want to hear from you. Your voice matters to me. I didn’t realize the importance of commenting on other blogs until I had one myself. Your voice has value, so please share for the benefit of all. Sharing a meal with my friends and family has produced some of the happiest memories in my life, and I intend to extend that goodwill through this blog.

I’m going to show you how to live healthily and love it. That doesn’t mean living a life condemned to eating overboiled asparagus and not showering. It means loving the food you eat, enjoying time spent in the kitchen, practical, positive lifestyle steps to be extraordinarily healthy, and most importantly, celebrating life.

I’m not a climate change martyr, but I love my life. Do you? I don’t want this to be a dour site full of doom and gloom, but a hopeful place full of useful, everyday changes that can impact the quality of food on your plate and your mental and physical health, part of which is the health of the environment you live in. I’m here to give you solutions, not lectures.

I believe in small steps – tiny changes and shifts in perspective to integrate practical solutions to health and environmental challenges. Good food, self-love, and a supportive community are central tenets to healing our relationship with food and our environment. Often I find the best-tasting things are also the most earth-friendly, but I am always looking for ways to make delicious food accessible to everyone. That is the very basis of sharing a meal.

When I first started this blog, I thought it should just be about the food I was cooking. Yes I wanted to integrate lifestyle changes for green living, but I didn’t want to go much more beyond that. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in much else. But it turns out most of us are looking for real people and genuine examples, especially on the internet. I was afraid of being vulnerable and making so much of my life public. So I wrote My Story and connected with many of you in a way that a recipe couldn’t do. Living in spite of my fears, doing what was scary, opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. Learning how to cook, re-learning how to cook with food allergies, and learning how to love life in an unsure world can be scary.

Scary is good. Scary is growth. Scary means finding what makes you come alive. I’m living proof – proof that you will be happier eating a whole foods diet, cooking for yourself, and living in tune with your natural environment. I’m not going to tell you living a planet-friendly lifestyle is always the easiest or most convenient route. But it isn’t as hard as we make it out to be. Convenience doesn’t make you happy. Nourishment does. Timidly writing recipes doesn’t make you happy. Inspiring others to find their love of cooking, get healthier, and keep the environment safe, does. Writing only about food doesn’t make you as happy as you could be if you shared stories, real life experiences, and flops, failures, and mistakes in between.

Kate is a recycling fanatic, messy cook, Earth enthusiast, and avid grocery shopper. This is the only part of the blog where she decides it’s cool to write in the third person. Originally from Sherwood, Wisconsin, she currently lives in Chiba, Japan, with previous stopovers in Boston, Dublin, and Geneva for various life events.

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