Green Tip #9: Don’t overwork your fridge!

I’m late. And guilty. Guilty of treating my fridge like a revolving door, especially in this hot summer. Dead simple green tip? Open your fridge and take out/put away everything at once.
This is from a wonderful daily calendar my friend gave to me two years ago:
When you’re cooking, try to take everything needed out of the refrigerator at one time. Each time the door is opened, cold air escapes and your fridge has to cool the air again. Keep a sign on the door reminding everyone to open the fridge only when necessary and not leave it open.Don’t stand in front of your fridge, door open, eating. That’s a double whammy of energy waste and mindless eating. Bad for the planet, bad for your health!A much healthier solution is to take everything out of the fridge all at once. I like to lay ingredients out on my clutter-free kitchen table (ahem). That way I can take stock of what I have and it also keeps me more organized when cooking or preparing meals. It creates a mise-en-place for cooking dinner. It ensures that I don’t forget any of my favorites when making a salad for lunch. My current favorite? Quick pickled onions.

Slice onions thinly on a mandoline. If you feel like practicing your knife skills, slice by hand. Thicker slices take a little longer to pickle. Put the onion slices in a bowl, cover with apple cider vinegar. If you’re in a hurry, they should be semi-pickled in 15 minutes. I like to make them in the morning and use by that evening. Keeps for about a week in the fridge. They never last that long in mine. Use on salads, mixed with chopped roasted vegetables and toasted nuts, as a topping for green soup, or leave a comment with your favorite application!

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