What’s in a bucket?

Something a little different this week. When I write Green Tips, I try to take examples from what I am doing in my life in real time. Nothing was flowing smoothly for this post, so I decided to pay attention to the unusual amount of buckets in my life. First Joy & Tracy over at Homefries assigned a Summer Bucket List, and then I happened upon an amazing project called Bucket List Publications. This injected some vigor into this last week and got me excited about setting goals and making plans. Since I like to share what I am excited about, here goes:

live big, dream big, love big

Can someone please tell me why buckets have a special significance to our lifelong dreams? I could think of many more romantic or appropriate items, such as a hot air balloon or even a champagne bottle, that I would rather have symbolic meaning for my life. Yes I know we “kick the bucket” and all that, but again, why a bucket? What about a soccer ball? I’d rather go out with a goal…ok that is cheesy, but for god’s sake it has got to be better than a bucket?!

Either way, I have several “bucket” lists. I made one back during my birthday for this year of being 25. I’ll type up a little recap of that with the Summer Bucket List, because a few things overlap. But I’ve also decided to share my big kahuna of a list. I want a different name than Bucket List though! I’ve never been a huge fan of that term. Be Awesome List? Life Goal List? Maybe I’ll go with my theme for this blog – celebrating life through nature and food. So the Celebrate Life list begins…

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

From the 25 Things for Turning 25 List:

#10 Volunteer at a nursing or assisted living home

#12 Family Grillsgiving 2012

#25 Get 25 bear hugs from 25 different people in one day.

Also for the summer ~ Do 17 random acts of kindness, start swimming to train for the triathlon, and continue to keep this zucchini plant alive.

The big kahuna – Celebration of Life list

1. Paraglide in every non ice-covered continent (Europe is checked off. )
2. Swim with dolphins in as natural environment as possible.
3. Go to Costa Rica and volunteer with baby sea turtles.
4. Go horseback riding in Mongolia
5. Experience the wonder of the Himalayas
6. Go on a Civil War tour in America and/or a WWII tour in Europe with my dad
7. Take an extended family – Team Johnson –  cruise in Norway
8. Skydive by the time I’m 30
9. Do a Mudrunner by age 28
10. Take my great-godmother to Paris
11. Eat my way through North Africa and the Middle East, starting in Morocco and ending in Afghanistan
12. Kayak, dogsled, and take an eco-friendly small boat cruise through Alaska
13. Teach English on a Peace Boat voyage
14. Do a hiking tour of the national parks in Utah
15. Take a train journey from the Midwest through South Dakota to the Pacific Northwest
16. See the redwoods
17. Road trip up the 101 highway with my soulmate Kendall
18. Dance around the continent of Africa, experiencing and learning about happiness from as many people as possible
19. Ride an elephant. Hug a baby elephant.
20. Go to the Okinawan sweet potato festival
21. Expand the reach of eatrecyclerepeat to help people live healthier, happier lives and inspire people to live harmoniously with their environments.
22. Go to New York City with my aunt
23. Have a USO-themed, mandatory costumed 30th birthday party
24. I thought of it but I can’t remember! It’ll come back…
I have other travel goals, professional goals, and things I want to do and see throughout the US, but I don’t believe in absolutes when it comes to list making. I’m sure I’ll add more, and I’m absolutely sure I’ll do my utmost to achieve all of these goals. However, I’d rather give it my all, fail doing 3/4 of these things,  and still have an amazing stock of experiences from the remaining 1/4. But really I have no intention of failing.
What’s on your list? What is an important goal you have relating to food or the environment? Share it with us here, and then head on over to Bucket List Publications to check out the phenomenal community of people celebrating their lives by embracing fear and gaining incredible experiences.
To life!
The first list: 25 Things for Turning 25

12 thoughts on “What’s in a bucket?

  1. Yeah! I made the list! So happy, because, before that, I was already picking out the ones we should do together. Redwoods are totally doable, and I could probably make it over to Utah. What is the Peace Boat? Sounds intriguing. And if I come to Japan (btw, this is looking like more of a possibility – details soon), we can skydive together!

    • Both comments came up. I notice that usually happens with you – two comments that is. Let me know if it is a problem on my side and I’ll see how I can fix it…of course you made the list! Oooo skydiving…

  2. Dangit! I wrote a long comment and then it disappeared. But here’s take two: So happy I made the list! Especially because I was looking through the list and already zeroing in on the things we should do together while I’m on the west coast – redwoods, Utah is doable. We should also do something in Mexico and Hawaii while I’m so close! What is a peace boat? Sounds intriguing. And your idea of an Alaska trip sounds totally bomb. If I come to Japan (which is looking like a possibility, by the way – more on that later), we can skydive there together!

  3. Great bucket/25 yo list! Good luck with keeping the zucchini alive–that’s on my bucket list this summer too! (over from the Joy the Baker podcast!)

    • Well thank you! Go ahead and copy to your heart’s content. The world can always use more acts of kindness. Thanks for visiting – I’m glad we have homefries to share all our good & goofy thoughts.

  4. Oh I love so much about this post! First of all, the random acts of kindness. Second of all, the “Celebration of Life” list – totally apropos. I mean, hugging a baby elephant?? Awesome sauce!

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