Green Tip #8 Save a Bottle, Make Infused Water!

I’m a beverage person. Often I head to work with my bag clinking with all sorts of bottles – reusable water bottle, tea thermos, the occasional glass bottle of carbonated water. I drink tea or iced tea because I like it and because it keeps me from eating mindlessly. But tea does not leave me feeling very hydrated.

Summer is here in Japan, which is notorious for muggy, hot, extremely humid weather. This may not phase some of you living below the equator or in the Southern United States, but for this Wisconsin girl it takes some getting used to. I have to pay special attention to make sure I am hydrated and drink even more water than I usually do.  However, I have to admit, I get bored with just plain water sometimes.

So instead of buying nasty, artificially flavored water, which neither tastes good nor improves environmental health, why not make a giant pitcher of infused water? It looks super fancy, but all you have to do is throw some aromatics in a pitcher and dump water over it.

My favorite is mint water. All you need are a few sprigs of mint and voila! – it’s like a fancy spa in your kitchen. You can also do lemon slices, lime slices, orange slices, clementine segments, a few berries…ooo I bet berries and mint would be divine. Making your own infused water is much cheaper than buying it by the bottle, and you won’t be contributing to the staggering amount of plastic bottle waste. Here are a few facts from greenUpgrader:

  • Plastic bottles take 700 years to begin composting
  • 90% of the cost of bottled water is due to the bottle itself
  • 80% of plastic bottles are not recycled
  • 38 million plastic bottles go to the dump per year in America from bottled water (not including soda)
  • 24 million gallons of oil are needed to produce a billion plastic bottles
  • The average American consumes 167 bottles of water a year
  • Bottling and shipping water is the least energy efficient method ever used to supply water
  • Bottled water is the second most popular beverage in the United States

Woah. So let’s recap the benefits: hydration and health? Check. Kind to your wallet? Check. Living in a less polluted environment (kind to planet and your health)? Dunzo.

And there is no chance of burning or undercooking anything! What are you waiting for? Get crackin’ on some infused water and let us know your favorite flavor or combination!

6 thoughts on “Green Tip #8 Save a Bottle, Make Infused Water!

  1. This looks cool and refreshing (and I’m thirsty).

    My favorite homemade drink is ginger beer – though rather than make an infusion, I put the water, lime, a bit of sugar and large amounts of ginger in the blender, then strain the resulting mush. Not as healthy as your drinks, but nice on a hot day.

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