Green Tip #7 Reuse Your Old Calendar!

Some days….

Some days you realize how much daily disorganization can build up, and then you stress eat too many almonds (why does it seem like I’m overindulging always on a Tuesday?). Some days your stomach is full of too many almonds and it makes the afternoon a little harder. Some days you come home from work, crank a youtube playlist, and dance around your apartment until you feel like conquering your commitments.

Some days you realize, yet again, that simple is best. You don’t need to tackle the whole world at this moment, but you can make tiny improvements – for yourself, your surroundings, your relationships.

I get really excited about sharing different green tips with you guys, and I then I end up throwing a bunch of stuff at you all at once. So I am re-committing to making the Tuesday Green Tips simple simple simple – something you can do in ten minutes, day after day, until you don’t even realize how awesomely eco-friendly you are because it seems so natural!

I love beautiful calendars, but I don’t want to contribute to the over-use and abuse of paper in our society. I receive calendars in the mail, and luckily they are printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink. Right now I’m decorating my sparse, somewhat dingy apartment walls with scenes from last year’s calendar. My work gets really fancy calendars and the teachers have no problem letting me take them home once the month is over. The other calendars I have I use instead of contact paper.

Contact paper is… well I don’t know exactly, but I feel like a lot of savvy household ladies use it. I’ve seen it lining kitchen drawers and cupboards, under bathroom sinks, and believe it is sold at places like Target. Lord knows my kitchen cabinets and drawers need all the help they can get. I seem to be able to fling even the least-flingy food into far corners of my apartment.

So I cleaned out the cabinet under my stove and laid down some old calendar pages. It’s a cheerful reminder to try and keep things clean and less flingy…

underneath my stove

[I’m having some computer trouble right now, so as soon as that is resolved I will share some pictures. Thanks for your patience!]

calendar pages barely peeking through all the stuff on top of my shelf. This is real life, people.


2 thoughts on “Green Tip #7 Reuse Your Old Calendar!

  1. I haven’t got one of those calendars for years! Very cool and creative idea though. I stick to my Google calendar which I access on my phone as well as the white board calendar on my fridge. Thanks for the tip!

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