Green Tip #6: Turn It Off & Book Winners Announced!

I had a big post prepared to go today, but it didn’t feel right. So instead I thought up the simplest green tip possible. If you aren’t using it – turn it off.

Why do you need to have a room light on if you are not in it?

Why should you leave the tv on if you are running an errand?

Why leave your charger plugged in if you are not charging anything?

Why leave your computer or other office machines on if you are going to bed?

I turn on the light only in the room I am working in. It saves energy and saves me money. Whenever I go out, I make sure everything is turned off or on power save mode. Bill Bryson made a wonderful point in his book At Home: “…is how much energy and other inputs we require now to provide us with the ease and convenience we have all come to expect in our lives. It’s a lot – a shocking amount. Of the total energy produced on Earth since the Industrial Revolution began, half has been consumed in the last twenty years.

I think of this every time I wonder – does it matter if I turn this light off for the fifteen minutes I will be gone? Oh it does.

Congratulations to Lee Ra and Liz! I decided to go with my original plan of giving two books away. Check your inboxes tomorrow for details on how to receive your book. Thank you to all those who participated – your comments were very heartwarming and fun to read.


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