U.S. Food Favorites

I’m back home in the States for a week and I’ve been cooking like a fiend. I’ll have plenty of recipes to share once I get the time to edit photos and write up the posts. I’m flying back to Japan tomorrow, though, so I’m going to save a bigger post for when I have a bit more time. But I wanted to share all the awesome products I’ve been enjoying while I’ve been home.

Almond/Coconut milk blend, Unsweetened. Toasted nut flavor, creamy coconut undercurrent – no sugar! Fabulous on it’s own or in a green smoothie.

I’ve always liked the effervescence of Synergy kombucha, and now the fun new texture of chia has been added into the mix! This is a really filling drink that contains has only 2g of sugar. I’ve tried cherry and raspberry and I can’t decide which one is better!

Bison. This is just one example. I’ve never been a huge red meat fan, but I really enjoy bison. It doesn’t have any sort of gamey flavor and it is a really versatile meat. And I only buy grass-fed, for the planet’s health and for mine!

Native Forest coconut milk. The cans are BPA-free and it is the best tasting coconut milk I’ve found so far – rich, creamy, and you can tell it is made from real coconut. I’ve been known to eat it straight from the jar.

ALMOND BUTTER! I’ve never met a jar of it that I didn’t like, but we had Eastwind in our pantry. Pro tip: flip the almond butter after each use, storing either right-side up or upside-down, so the oil distributes more easily when it separates. Then you aren’t left with a super-oily top and a rock-hard, pasty bottom.

By the way, no one is paying me or sponsoring me to say any of this. I just like talking about food.

And I’ve also been eating KALE KALE KALE! All different varieties. In fact, it was the first thing I ate when I landed in America, and I plan on having a green smoothie before I head to the airport tomorrow morning.

Photo from onlyfoods.net/kale

Of course I can’t go more than 48 hours without some kind of squash, and I’ve been enjoying acorn, butternut, and American sweet potatoes every day for as part of breakfast or dinner. Soon I’ll have my Japanese kabocha back in the mix, along with seafood, seaweed, and the best sushi rice on the planet. It’s all about appreciating what you have, where you are, in the present moment. You’ll always be missing out on something, especially if you go looking for it.

So right now, I’m just grateful!


2 thoughts on “U.S. Food Favorites

    • Ah great idea! Thanks for the tip – I’ll include a note. I’ve found these in regular groceries stores. I do like to support local, natural food stores, but I’ve found even the Chia Kombucha, which is new, in the super groceries.

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