Tuesday Green Tip #3: One Cup Method

Can I give you some life tips AND green tips?

Life tip: Don’t eat too many duck eggs.

Life tip: Don’t think you have defeated jet lag after four days.

Life tip: Don’t roast beets in tin foil without a pan underneath.

Life tip: Don’t add a glass pan underneath hot roasting beets and then place it on your mom’s fancy stove that is neither electrical or glass but some flat fancy surface because the pan will EXPLODE all over the kitchen while you are making dinner. (More on this later)

Life tip: Even when you are tired and your stomach hurts from too many duck eggs and you just want to quit the internet and not write a blog post, go for a teeny, tiny, run around the block to clear your head and jump start your jet-lagged body. Then you can explode beet pans, clean it up, and still make a delicious dinner like a champ. So much so that your brother who only prefers cereal will have two helpings of bacon-wrapped whitefish and roasted vegetable salad with spinach.

In short, major life tip? Don’t give up. You got this.

And for the green tip – try the one cup method! In your household, designate one drinking glass per person per day. It saves your dishwasher (mechanical or human) some unneeded work and it will conserve water. Learn more from smarter, less tired people here.

More on exploding kitchens, planet-friendly bacon, and cereal-eating brothers soon. But let’s not talk about duck eggs for a while.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Green Tip #3: One Cup Method

  1. I’m normally not much of a blog-following guy, but your blog has me hooked. I’m curious to learn more about your exploding pan adventures.

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