Green Tip #2: Air Dry Your Laundry!

About 6% of total energy consumption goes toward dryers and the process of drying clothes. Hanging your clothes out to dry, especially nice things like dress shirts, will actually keep them in better condition because there is less handling involved. AND, hanging clothes out to dry usually reduces the need for ironing! Just use non-metal hangers so there is no chance of rust. Sun also acts as a natural bleach, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals that will eventually pollute the ground water or your body through skin absorption!

Project Laundry List has a feature that will let you calculate home much money you can save if you line-dry.

Care2 has a bunch of tips for making your entire laundry process more energy efficient.

No clue how to hang your clothes to dry? Wikihow has step-by-step instructions and awesome tips! Everything you need know about any type of laundry or linen.

Hanging inside and outside

Happy Hanging!

And Happy Birthday Joe!


2 thoughts on “Green Tip #2: Air Dry Your Laundry!

  1. Yep! I always air dry my clothes. I also always wash in cold water to save more energy. I don’t own a clothes dryer and I asked for my washing machine not to be plumbed into the hot tap so it’s impossilble not to wash in cold! 🙂

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