25 Things & Sweet Potato Cakes

breakfast cakes

Hello all!

A little over a month ago, I posted a list of 25 Things for Turning 25. It is a list of year-long and daily goals to improve my quality of life by helping others (and living out a few dreams).  I had a fantastic birthday by sharing service with others, probably one of the best I have had ever. Here is a little run down…

3. Take a walk and pick up litter at least once a month. (Twice a month is ideal)


boo litter. yay clean neighborhood.

4. Make a sweet potato and chestnut layer cake, dairy-free cream cheese frosting optional. Achieved! It wasn’t a true cake with flours, etc, but it was the perfect breakfast. See details at the end of this post.

8. Reverse trick or treat

12. Laugh every day. Check

We also visited a friend in the hospital and had a mini party there. At lunch, my friends wanted to treat me, so I put the cost of my lunch into the donation box for the Japan Disaster Relief Fund. I sent out several care packages this month, as well as postcards. I’m going to start sending my mail with a Smile Card so people will pass it on. And I still need your help with these!

1. Get 25 people to make a $25 kiva loan, or more!

Kiva.org is a way to lend directly, in small amounts or microloans, to alleviate poverty while knowing that your contribution really makes a difference.You make a loan, get updates from your lend-ee, and then get paid back! You can make more loans with that money or do a communal loan.

7. Inspire others to send more snail mail.

A handwritten note speaks volumes from the heart. And they usually have really cute stamps at the post office.

14. Inspire 100 people to do better by the environment

Here is where I really need your help – spread the word! Recycle! Choose sustainable seafood! Conserve on water! Eat more greens! Share your thoughts on how we can integrate sustainable living and joy into our every day lives.

Oh! And I did do #17, Eat breakfast at Tsukiji fish market, the week before my birthday. Check! Sorry no pictures though. I was too busy eating.

I’m still working on the others, especially the daily tasks like getting rid of clutter and complimenting a person or laughing every day. And I WILL get in that hot air balloon sometime this year!!!

My birthday breakfast was slices of roasted sweet potatoes layered with my Sweet Potato Puddin’ Spread and topped with coconut cream. If you refrigerate a can of coconut milk (make sure it is BPA free!), you can scoop off the top layer of coconut fat and use it liked whipped cream! It was a wonderfully indulgent, yet healthy, way to start my day.

THANK YOU for reading and following, and here is to another year of joyful, green living!

Special thanks to Mayumi and Akane, who made my birthday extra special by participating in all the events! You guys are the sunshines in my life.

bringing sunshine with me wherever I go

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to one of my dearest friends. Sig, you will always have a special place in my heart. ♥


4 thoughts on “25 Things & Sweet Potato Cakes

  1. I love this! It is so true that we help ourselves by helping others! That cake looks like my kind of birthday cake! 😉

    • thanks so much Vicky! If you have any ideas to share – please feel free! I’d love to get as many people involved as possible. The “cakes” were delicious…I guess I need to start thinking of some way to top it for next year.

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