Midweek Poll: How to fill the e.r.r. Pie?!

I know many of you will be happily satiated with Thanksgiving meals soon, but if you are famished for another post this will have to tide us over until the weekend. I’ve been fighting a particularly persistent bug that is gumming up my plans to beef up this little blog.

like this site - homemade, a little rough around the edges, and in need of filling!

In the meantime, I’d love some opinions on a That Thing You Do “oneder” situation I’ve got going on here. 

or, just keep it plain and simple – eatrecyclerepeat – and leave it to the crew to work it out for themselves? Sometimes simple is best, and I have a hard time not adding too much. Remember how I said this would be a brief post?

In my first post, I mentioned occasional romantic pangs for cheese. And I realized today that is all they are – romantic – as in a complete work-up of my imagination. I think of how dreamy, sophisticated, and sumptuously French I could be if I took a nice soft cheese on a picnic or ate a rustic peasant meal of bread, apples, and Edam. I realized my body wasn’t craving cheese, my brain thought I was. Then I saw Kim’s post on all her allergy-friendly Thanksgiving recipes, and I was blown away. I can’t wait to try the cashew-pumpkinseed cheese for my next picnic. Her blog, Affairs of Living, is full of creative and downright delicious recipes – anyone and everyone should try them. The fact that the recipes are allergy-friendly, gluten-free, and full of helpful substitute suggestions is icing on the cake.

Any time I have encountered a roadblock to a new way of embracing food, I’ve been inspired and encouraged by an amazing group of bloggers (check out my favorites in the blogroll!), and I found comfort in the voices of people I’ve never met. If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, finding a supportive community is key to enjoying your new diet and exploring food again. I hope that in time ERR (whoops. That’s err. Scratch that abbreviation off the poll) will become just that – a community of different voices in support of not only people with food allergies but new cooks, tired chefs, uninspired kitchen warriors, and those who care about good food.

I promise the next post will have less words and more food! In the meantime, enjoy your turkey, if that’s your thing; take care; and get ready for soup this weekend!

brined and grilled turkey from a summer cookout


2 thoughts on “Midweek Poll: How to fill the e.r.r. Pie?!

  1. I really like the eatrecyclerep(eat) option, but I also like it as simply as you have it now. What would be really cool would be if you could just keep it as eatrecyclerepeat, but have the final “eat” in a different color. Does WordPress let you do that?

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