Taking the leap

It has taken me thirteen months to get this far. Thirteen months of excuses, almosts, distractions, and imagining how great this thing would be if I would only go home after brainstorming on a run and actually do it. I want eatrecyclerep(EAT!) to be a resource for people to find food that is good for their bodies, the environment, and taste buds. I want to share the facts about our food supply but also create a space that is warm, friendly, and welcoming, just like a home kitchen should be. Buying, cooking, creating food doesn’t have to be a scary or depressing subject, but rather a force that brings people together and a way to enjoy life. So break out of the norm: try a new recipe, new food, make a new friend, or perhaps start a blog. It really isn’t as scary as we think.


2 thoughts on “Taking the leap

  1. Awesome Kate! You have what it takes to do this. Just write from your experiences, what you have learned and from your heart. I have always admired that about you; do what you are passionate about and you will do well.

  2. Glad you finally decided to “just do it!” With the kind of passion and dedication you put into everything you pursue, I expecting nothing but great things. Looking forward to going down this exciting “adventure of food” with you!

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